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Welcome to SCRC addiction treatment centers for men.

There is a place where men can recover from alcoholism and addiction issues. Addiction and alcoholism is a treatable issue that people can and do overcome. SCRC provides traditional and non-traditional treatment methods for alcoholism and drug addiction issues. SCRC is a place that will provide hope to our clients as well as family members to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction issues. SCRC deals with addicted persons and family members that have under estimated the power of addiction issues. SCRC clients and family members have tried in the past to treat addiction issues on their own but have come to see that addiction is to strong to overcome on will power alone.

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SCRC's private recovery centers are located on the Coast of South Orange County, CA in the center of the largest addiction recovery community in the United States.

SCRC's program and communities will provide our clients with the tools and skills that make it possible to recover from alcoholism and addiction.

Please call us at 1-800-410-6552