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SCRC's Alcohol Rehab | Laguna Beach

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Our dedicated team of professionals specializes in alcohol treatment for men. In turn our clients receive the best, well-rounded and individualized treatment available for men. Our team at SCRC will evaluate and treat clients on a one-on-one basis as well as in group settings. SCRC offers an affordable 30, 60 and 90 day program to treat alcoholism effectively.

Our staff at SCRC has one primary goal….to provide effective treatment for alcoholism to men. In the U.S., alcoholism is still one of the leading causes of death. Our clients learn how to live without alcohol and are given the tools to begin living once again. Our residential and clinical settings help our clients with the transition into a new way of living without alcohol.

Family members that have sought out SCRC have noticed the following changes/warning signs in their loved one:

  • Patterns of drinking increases
  • Drinking more often due to stress and/or anxiety
  • Changing from beer to wine to hard liquor
  • Hiding what they are drinking from family and friends
  • Denying and minimizing their drinking issues
  • Change in temperament (i.e. short fuse, irritable, angry…etc.)
  • Heightened anxiety or depression
  • Blackouts or binge drinking

If you can identify with any of these changes in your loved one then professional help may be needed.

SCRC is Unique

SCRC is unique in many ways. SCRC treats only men in a location that will help your loved one find the road to recovery. SCRC has treatment programs designed to address men specific issues. SCRC staff has been trained and specialize in treating men’s addiction issues. SCRC has houses located in beach communities that offer peaceful, relaxing surroundings whichare much needed in order to make the transition to sobriety and treat alcoholism. SCRC staff understands the difficulties and challenges of this devastating disease. SCRC staff is here to help.

Please call us at 1-800-410-6552