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Counselors at SCRC are certified members of the California Association of Drug and Alcohol Educators. At SCRC, our counseling staff has many years experience in the field of alcohol and drug addiction recovery. The counseling staff provides the latest recovery tools, skills and techniques that will help clients address their dependency issues in a positive manner. The counseling staff will help the client’s families better understand the processes of change. The counseling staff will also educate the clients to better understand the biological, social, and psychological effects of addiction to arm themselves with the skills and tools to help them in their recovery. SCRC counseling staff provides one-on-one weekly counseling sessions for clients and family members as well as weekly family groups.

Educational Groups

At SCRC we pride our program to educate our clients on alcoholism and drug addiction recovery that will help the clients with the changes that come with sobriety. Our clients receive the very best information that is available in the recovery field through literature, testimonies, multi-media and professional guest speakers.

Medical Evaluation

SCRC clients will be working with medical staff on related dependency issues as well as medical screening. Our clients may have medical issues that may need to be addressed while in treatment.

Psychological Evaluation

At SCRC our clients and staff may discover that there are underlying issues that can be addressed and treated while in the program.

Fitness & Health Education

Weight training, cardio, Pilates, and spin classes are provided for clients to participate in on a daily basis. Personal training can be provided at the client’s request.

12 Step Meetings

SCRC clients have the ability to attend 12 step meetings daily to help better understand that they are not alone when it comes to alcohol and drug addiction issues. SCRC sees that even if a client does not like the 12 step program, our clients always get something positive from the meetings.

Outside Activities

SCRC clients attend outside activities to help them better understand how it feels to be sober in an open community environment. Some activities include hiking, going to the beach, BBQs, and special events. SCRC clients have fun in life and in the program. Fun is possible when you are sober.

Sober Living Environment

Living in a safe home where clients can feel at home. There is a 24 hr House Manager that supervises and attends to clients’ needs while at home and a driver is provided when needed.

Alcohol & Drug Testing

Testing clients in the home as well as at the treatment center helps decrease the chances of relapse. SCRC staff tests clients 2-3 times per week. The staff will track client’s test results while they are attending the program.

Brain Training

The brain is the organ that is most effected by alcohol and/or drug abuse. Retraining the brain and increasing its ability to heal and function at a greater speed will help the clients to apply their new recovery skills.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention training will help our clients to identify high risk patterns in alcoholism and/or drug addiction lifestyles that may cause relapse. At SCRC we show our clients new ways to deal with cravings, urges, behaviors, choices and actions that will result in positive outcomes.

Denial Management & Prevention

At SCRC our clients identify most used denial patterns and thinking that may cause relapse. At SCRC we help our clients to better understand how they have used denial in the past to continue with dependency issues. We help our clients to form a plan with the right tools and skills that will support a positive outcome.

Please call us at 1-800-410-6552