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Family Group Session

Addiction affects not only the individual but also the immediate family that surrounds the addict or alcoholic.  It is important that the individual as well as the family be treated when it comes to recovering from addiction.  At SCRC we think it is important for the families to recover.

  • Families need to better understand how addiction works in regards to their loved ones life.
  • Many family members that attend family groups have little or no idea of the Bio-Psycho, Social effects on their loved ones life.
  • Many questions that families ask themselves are:

-What has made my family member act this way?

-Did I do something wrong to trigger addiction in my family member?

-How do I help my loved one recover?

It is important to discuss what is going on.  Uncovering addiction issues as well as underlying issues that may trigger addiction, is crucial.  Addiction may have caused a communication breakdown in the family.

  • Lack of communication in the family can cause feelings of fear and hopelessness.
  • Many families find themselves enabling the addicted person, thinking that they are helping them but in reality may be causing harm to the addicted person.
  • Emotional hostage taking is a common dysfunction that manifests from addiction in many families.

SCRC provides families with a structured environment to address their family’s addiction issues in a private setting. Families are welcome to attend the family group sessions offered at SCRC.  Family Group Sessions occur every Saturday.  Private and/or group sessions can be scheduled at the times listed below.

Family Group Schedule

10 AM - 12 PM PT Understanding Addiction
10 AM  - 12 PM PT Changing Relationships
10 AM  - 12 PM PT Open Forum
10 AM  - 12 PM PT Communication & Life Skills for Family

Please call us at 1-800-410-6552