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Exclusive to Men, Southern California Recovery provides a safe haven from the abusive use of prescription drugs.

Clients typically relate to each other’s experiences in our group therapy sessions, allowing them to build mutually beneficial relationships that encourage them to stay strong and focused during recovery. By sharing their experiences, our guests can take pride in knowing that they are helping others, and realize that they do not need drugs to achieve a sense of happiness and self-worth.

We also have alumni activities that allow former guests to renew their commitments to healthy living on a regular basis, and inspire the guests who are currently staying with us.

Over 3.7 million men have taken prescription drugs for non-medicinal purposes during the past year. While possession of these drugs is legal, they are only prescribed to people with certain conditions and with specific regimens, so abusing them isn’t any better than abusing illegal drugs.

People who abuse prescription drugs of any kind put themselves at risk of overdose, addiction, and side effects that can lead to premature death. What many users fail to understand is that being approved by the FDA doesn’t make drugs completely safe for human consumption. In fact, prescriptions are meant to restrict the use of drugs because of their harmful effects and addictive natures.

As such, it is necessary to consider the unique male psychological makeup when treating men with substance abuse problems. This calls for attention to male-specific physical, mental, and emotional issues.

At Southern California Recovery Centers, assistance is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week through our hard working admissions staff.

For immediate assistance involving the abuse of prescription drugs, call 1-800-410-6552.