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Southern California Recovery Centers specializes in Rehab for Men.

At SCRC treating mind, body and spirit propels our clients to receive addiction recovery like never before.

Addiction recovery is becoming more common in the U.S.  Never before has the U.S. seen more addiction issues in their communities.  Substance abuse and/or addiction issues are some of the leading causes of death in the U.S. today.  Prescription pills, opiates, sedatives, heroin, alcohol, cocaine, and methamphetamine are the most common drugs used in the U.S. today.

Why a Rehab Only For Men?

Studies show that men with alcohol and drug addiction issues need the freedom to express themselves openly with staff and fellow clients at all times.  This may not be possible in a co-ed recovery setting.  It is widely known that programs with a co-ed setting can cause distractions and other issues while in treatment.  Studies have shown that when a person is attempting to overcome addiction and alcoholism the success rates are dramatically higher in a gender specific environment with fewer distractions, allowing the client to truly focus on themselves.  When it comes to men’s treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction our clients need a recovery program that will treat and specialize in the biological, psychological and social differences that men suffer while being dependent on drugs and/or alcohol.  At SCRC we treat men from the ages of 18-65 with specialized treatment plans they will need in order to recover.  At SCRC this is our one and only goal.  Relationships, jobs, financial issues, completing goals, boundaries, anger, shame, guilt, fear, perception problems, health issues, nutrition, education after treatment, brain effects, high risk addiction patterns, relapse prevention skills, denial management skills, medical evaluation, and psychological evaluation are some the many areas that will be addressed while in treatment at SCRC.  Men need to address alcoholism and drug addiction issues in a specialized environment and in a particular manner with staff that have experience in treating men’s dependency issues.

What Makes SCRC Different?

  • SCRC is located in the center of the world’s largest recovery community in the United States.
  • Our living arrangements cater to men that are looking for a relaxing, safe and healthy environment to recover in.
  • SCRC'S beach communities support addiction recovery in a high quality setting that our clients can carry with them throughout their whole lives.
  • SCRC’s program and communities will provide our clients with the tools and skills that make it possible to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction.
  • SCRC teaches our clients and family members the lifestyle of recovery and how to be recovered from dependency issues once and for all.

Our clients can and have recovered from alcoholism and drug addiction and have moved on to higher quality lives long term.  SCRC will treat and support the denial issues that may occur before, during and after treatment has been received.  SCRC is here for the family as a whole.  Our clients in many ways have affected more than just personal lives.  Alcoholism and drug addiction eventually affects far beyond immediate family members.  At SCRC we treat the whole family so they can start the recovery process together.  SCRC will provide you or your loved one with a foundation in recovery that can last a lifetime.

Please call us at 1-800-410-6552