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Southern California Recovery Center mission is:

Believing in providing clients the opportunity to rigorously pursue a path to success by achieving balance in sobriety, life skills, productivity, emotional wellbeing and fitness. As a treatment facility for addiction and co-occurring disorders, we understand that success in sustaining sobriety can happen only when the authentic concept of the 12 steps is adhered to on all levels.

 SCRC is serving citizens treating the disease of addiction and co-occurring disorders throughout the Orange County area.  We are the voice of recovery and community.  We are taking action across Orange County to help our client’s recovery from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.  We play a pivotal role in bring about long-term sobriety, mental health, culture, and clients working together to build a better environment and better quality of life for all those affected by the disease of addiction.

We fulfill our mission by:

Advocating for those affected with addiction and co-occurring disorders

  • Working as a driving force for the continued growth and development of our clients and staff
  • Assisting our clients by focusing on key issues such as sobriety, character development, emerging as a productive member of society
  • Providing exceptional educational and networking opportunities for our clients
  • Engaging in monthly training for our staff to bring about the highest standards of care
  • Receiving direct input from our clients during treatment, on discharge, and after treatment to be better able to improve on modalities of treatment

Southern California Recovery Center Philosophy is:

 SCRC uses several groups and activities that are available from the traditional treatment models that are available to adults today. Several treatment modalities have offerings that are not focused on a primary means of delivering treatment content. SCRC is a program that is entirely dedicated to adults in need of treatment from drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders. SCRC brings a recovery-centric curriculum that immerses adults in treatment-related activities central to their recovery, yet allows them to pursue vocational, educational, and family relationships.

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